Kansas City Chiefs Schedule 2020, Date, Time, Streaming TV Channels

Kansas City Chiefs game 2020 schedule for the preseason and main seasons. Chiefs schedule 2020 including dates, game time and TV streaming information. 2020 Chiefs game information and live NFL football games online details.

The Kansas City Chiefs football schedule for the next season is out and it is an exciting one. They are finally one of the AFC powerhouse teams. But, do you think they can make it work? The key to their success will be if they can bring home a victory over the division rival Oakland Raiders in week three. If they can accomplish this feat, they will have the talent and the momentum to go on a roll through the rest of the season. Then, weeks four comes with Jacksonville. If they win this game and Oakland can’t hold off Jacksonville then the Chiefs will control their own destiny in the AFC West.

Kansas City Chiefs Football Schedules 2020 – A Season to Remember

2020 Kansas City Chiefs Schedule

Week five is a huge week, not only because of the fact that they play the defending Super Bowl Champions, but also because of the Miami Dolphins game that week. They have to beat them in order to get into the playoffs.

Week six is a rivalry game and again they have to defeat the Raiders to keep their chances alive. If they lose this game and Raiders win then they will be in the same boat as the Jets and their AFC East Champion hopes will be in tatters.

The following week, week seven, they have a great matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. This will be a test of wills and if they can get by them the rest of the way it will be another step towards a successful season.

The final week of the season is really tough as well, that’s when they play the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams are very good and have both proven to be able to make upsets happen.

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Week eight brings the last true test of the season as they host the Dallas Cowboys. They have to bring a victory here or they could fall short of the AFC wild card spot they so desperately need.

As the year winds down, the Kansas City Chiefs will go into the offseason with the playoff picture all up in their field. The playoffs are only one week away and if they can pull off the upset then there is no doubt that they will be a true contender.

Even though they are already in the playoffs, they must win every game they play in this week to ensure that they will be in the playoffs. This should be an exciting time as fans from all around the country are going to be tuning in to watch the next great Kansas City Chiefs wiki game.

In addition to the regular season games, their fantasy football owners will be able to add the wild card weekend into their play. There are some awesome games and opportunities to improve your team.

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